Mayfield Lavenders

July 2015 – London, UK

Pretty purple little flowers. As spring in the UK just began, it’s only right to start off with something bright and cheerful as my first post. I want to use this place to share my photos, let you see the world that I see and to document the steps I have taken.

I’ve been wanting to visit Mayflowers in South London for many years. As a treat after university graduation, I dragged my fellow photography friend one sunny day and off we went.  It wasn’t as big and vast as I had expected, in fact it was just a little farm. But I was still happy to be submerged in a lake of blossoming little lavender buds.

Life through the viewfinder


amongst the flowers


Sometimes we need to let the camera rest and enjoy the view


I must thank my dear friend, who took these pictures for me. I’m sure he’ll be happy with the praises. 

This place was amazing. It was a place of summer, a place of romance and a place to forget the city life.

Rows and rows of lavender
Field of peace
A little shelter
We all have a dream
Leading us along the right path

That’s all for now.

I hope with the days to come, I can upload more photos onto here, and share it with you all 🙂








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