November 2015 – Marrakesh, Morocco

I’ve never visited anywhere that isn’t Europe or Asia before, and this was the first tiny step into another world, to explore it’s culture and it’s vast landscape. I have heard a lot about Morocco, it’s different from the rest of Africa in many ways, the people, the culture and the religion. It was felt that winter was the best time to visit Morocco, if you still want to enjoy the sunshine during winter, yet it’s not overbearingly hot as it would be in the summer.

We started our trip in Marrakesh. This was a very interesting capital. Within the medina, it was buzzing with life, trades, people trying to sell you all sorts of things.

Jamaa el Fnaa in the day time, still buzzling with people and trades
Spices and colourings
Hand knitted rugs

We made one trip to a beautiful garden just outside the medina on the second day. It wasn’t big, but I loved how vibrant everything was in contrast to the medina. 

Majorelle Garden
I didn’t know that there was a YSL memorial here, I liked this because he makes my favourite perfumes!
Majorelle Garden


On the other side of town, there were more historical sites. Beats me to remember any history about Marrakesh. I just like pretty flowers. 

Roses by the Saadian tombs

At night fall, we somehow wondered outside of the touristy area and found ourselves on a lonely street. I think the other side of the wall was some palace?

Quiet adjacent roads
Night markets

But what I loved the most about Marrakesh was how in each and every corner in the medina, was a hidden oasis. Riads are like villas buried within the narrow streets of the medina, opening up to roof top pools and terraces. 

For us, this gem gave us the relaxing opening we needed to explore the rest of Morocco.

Cheeky calm night in after a long day


Our Morocco trip to be continued.



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