Merzouga Desert

November 2015 –  Merzouga, Morocco

My first Desert experience given to Morocco. We arrived just before sunset. Our hotel was by the edge of the desert, and you could see for miles of sand dunes. Our camels were ready for us when we arrived, ready to set off deep into the desert. 


Camel shadows! 


Dear Bob Marley, thank you for our ride

After an hour and half, we finally made it to our tents. They gave us traditional tagines and cous cous for dinner. I really felt like we were back in the olden times. No technology, no money, no worries. Just genuine laughters, simple people with happy lives. We sat around a bonfire…

… danced to unprocessed traditional music

… and star gazing into the night

Before dawn, we were back on the road again. Our bums were definitely slightly worse of wear after an hour of riding the night before. But it was worth it to wake up early for the sunrise. 

Finding a good spot for watching sunrise
My memory of the desert in one shot


Later we got in the 4×4 and headed through further into the desert. It was all different. Did you know there were many different types? Commonly people think sand dunes, but there they can range from fine sand, to gravel to rocky. We preferred the sand of course and spent most of of our time there. 


Near by black village. Not being racist here. Most people in Morocco are Arab-Berber, but this village is mostly populated by the migrant African people. Honest 🙂


More sand dunes on our afternoon walk
Feel the desert wind

The evenings were peaceful. On a walk through the vegetations, we found the opening to the desert. Camwhoring as we do, we noticed a bright thing afar in the horizon rising to the sky. It was like nothing I’ve seen before. 

Watch the moon rise!
Moon in my hand



I guess that concludes our desert tour. What an amazing 2 days.

Next stop: Ziz Valley and Fes 




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