November 2015 – Chefchaouen, Morocco

Our final, and possibly my favourite place in all of Morocco was this little blue town. Beneath the peaks of the Rif in Northern Morocco, was this tiny blue-washed town called Chefchaouen. There was something very different and special about this place. It was nothing like the rest of the cities we had been in. 

This was the view from up top. Blue skies always makes people happy, it was like someone dropped a pot of blue paint, so it will constantly be sunny and full of blue skies here. 



The medina was full of stairs, after lugging ourselves up 6-7 sets of stairs, we finally made it to our riad, a beautiful castle amongst all the blue-washed buildings. 

Our chefchaouen riad, Chefchaouen
Resting after a long journey outside out riad, Chefchaouen

For the next 24 hours, we were truly lost amongst this surreal medina. 



Walking up painted steps, wondering down quiet alley ways.


It was peaceful, like a fairy tale city. 


Times like this I wished the clock would stop. Read a book, drink some tea and listen to other people’s travelling tales. 


Of course there were still stalls, selling colourings, spices, leather goodies. Perhaps everyone has been infected by the calming scents of this town, even the shop owners were much more civil and relaxed. They had much lower starting prices and you couldn’t see much hassling along the streets. Buying felt much less pressured here than it did in Marrakesh and Fes, and with cheaper prices, you can see why this was much loved by everyone. 


I was so sad to leave and wished that we could of stayed for longer. But it’s these thoughts that makes me feel like it will not the be the last time that I will be here.

Morocco has shown us so much and I felt very blessed that even our journey to the airport were able to offer us such serene views. 


Morocco has been a truly breathtaking experience. We learnt the Berber ways, eaten great cuisines like tagines and pastillas, and most of all explored true beauty of Moroccan landscape.

Till next time, keep smiling 🙂



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