Ziz Valley & Fes

November 2015 – Ziz Valley & Fes, Morocco

Leaving the desert was sad, I didn’t known when I would see such sights again, since we all live in such a modern society. But I was happy that we are heading north to see something different and explore the rest of Morocco. 

Ziz Valley was en route towards Fes. Ziz is a river in the south of Morocco. It’s sourced from high up in the Atlas Mountains, flowing all the way through the Sahara Desert in Algeria. Along the valley, we could see small villages and palmarines feeding off its rich sources. 

Ziz Valley

After hours of driving, we finally made it to the city of Fes, 2nd largest city in Morocco. We stayed within the medina. This used to be the capital of Morocco up till around 90 years ago. The medina was different to Marrakesh, the streets were much narrower. They say it’s a city to get lost in.

Walks in the Medina, Fes

The medina was full of tiny stalls that sold a variety of snacks, leather bags, trinkets etc. In someways, it was like a more intensified version of Marrakesh medina, there were 10x more side roads with stalls in every corner.

I was so surprised when a we decided to visit a less well known Mosque to have found a quiet corner within the busy medina. The doors shut out all the busy shop keepers and buyers. 

Searching inside Sahrij Medersa

My only regret was that the famous tanneries were shut for renovation during our visit so I couldn’t see it at it’s true colour. 

Instead, we spent sometime outside the busy medina too. It was amazing how it contrasted from within. 

Jardin Jnan Sbil, Fes
Outside Palais Royal de Fes, Fes
Outside Palais Royal de Fes, Fes

After a busy day of wondering, we climbed to the top to the hills north of the Medina, just in time of sunset. 

View from Tombeaux Des Merinides, Fes


As night falls, it was time to conclude our second last stop, as we travel further into the north.



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