Richmond Park

April 2016 – London, UK

Lazy weekends are made for busy people. These days as spring has approached, we pray that the weekend would bring us blue skies and sunshine. This weekend was no different. Richmond park is the largest royal park in London, well known as the deer reserve. But that is saved for another time, we were here on a stroll, joining the other families on a lazy weekend walk.


It’s so typical that the weather was still a bit chilly, so we hid away in a cafe admiring the views outside. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more British, being in a royal park, drinking tea and eating scones.

View from the other side of the cafe

We ate far too many scones, so we went for a wonder. The park was huge, but I think we have found our favourite spot inside the Isabella garden.


I loved strolling down the tiny stream that became the spine of the plantation, full of blossoming flowers, and it was my first time seeing so many waterlilies.

We spent so long walking around the park that it was already dusk. Best time for photos. I’m training up my friend on how to take photos and I think he did quite well.


I just wanted to hide away inside this secret oasis.



I think I will definitely come back here one day, perhaps in summer or autumn, to shoot some deer. We saw some as we drove around the park, but they were too far away for my short lens. Nonetheless, every weekend should be like this, a breath of fresh air after a busy urban life.




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