Ends of the Earth, Sanya

March 2017 – Sanya, China

天涯 海角 in literal translation is “the sky’s edge, the sea’s corner” – meaning the ends of the earth. There is such a place on Hainan Dao called this, which was named in the olden days as it was thought to be the edge of our land, being the most southern tip of China.

In modern reality, it is mostly two rocks with the names “天涯” and “海角” carved on it. Before you get there though, a little information about this place. It’s on the west side of Sanya, situated along the coast line.


The park not only features the beach, there is also a huge area for wedding photography, seeing lots of props especially for the occasion.




Making it onto the beach is just a short 5 minute walk, and you can stroll along the entire coastline on the sandy beach.


The rocks for “天涯” is a short thirty minute walk.


“海角” was much harder to find as the tide came in. I had to climb onto another rock to find it. Even then with the sunset it’s probably a little hard to notice.


On that note though, it is a great spot to watch the sunset, a perfect way to end the day.

For more on places to visit in Sanya, see list here:

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