Yuantouzhu . 鼋头渚

April 2018 – Wuxi, China

I always say why go to Japan to see Cherry blossoms, when there is a park next door that is full of blossoms. Most people will have never heard of this place, as it’s not very well known. It is one of the largest cherry blossom parks within China, even bigger than many seen in Japan.




The only downside to the park is that it’s very seasonal. Of course blossom doesn’t last all year, and now twice in a row, I have managed to just catch the very end of the season, when “nearly” all the  blossom has fallen 😦 Can I blame global warming? It’s getting warmer earlier each year.

None the less, there is still plenty to see, like these beautiful peach blossoms.

2018 – despite the added rainfall, the same blossom still looks stunning


These here are late cherry blossoms, and actually, I think they look prettier than the cherry blossoms we normally see…



The park is located on the edge of Tai Lake (太湖), the most famous lake in China, where many of the famous poems and historical characters originate from. This photo only shows a fraction of the lake



Off in the mainland, you can take a short ferry to a small island nearby. Don’t underestimate this small island, there are plenty to see and discover.



Finally the photographer at rest 🙂


Credits go to WH Liu for his help to these photos below for me 🙂 as we hunted out all the remaining blossoms to use as backdrops ;P








Next time I will definitely try and go mid-late March, third time lucky right? I have only uncovered one tenth of its beauty.




Ends of the Earth, Sanya

March 2017 – Sanya, China

天涯 海角 in literal translation is “the sky’s edge, the sea’s corner” – meaning the ends of the earth. There is such a place on Hainan Dao called this, which was named in the olden days as it was thought to be the edge of our land, being the most southern tip of China.

In modern reality, it is mostly two rocks with the names “天涯” and “海角” carved on it. Before you get there though, a little information about this place. It’s on the west side of Sanya, situated along the coast line.


The park not only features the beach, there is also a huge area for wedding photography, seeing lots of props especially for the occasion.




Making it onto the beach is just a short 5 minute walk, and you can stroll along the entire coastline on the sandy beach.


The rocks for “天涯” is a short thirty minute walk.


“海角” was much harder to find as the tide came in. I had to climb onto another rock to find it. Even then with the sunset it’s probably a little hard to notice.


On that note though, it is a great spot to watch the sunset, a perfect way to end the day.

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Much love xx


Rainforest in Sanya

March 2017 – Sanya, China

Sanya is known for it’s beach life, as it’s found in the southern tip of Hainan Island, China. However if you want a little more adventure, you only need to travel within the hour and can get to a few rainforest parks. The one we selected was called Yalong Bay Tropic Paradise Forest Park (亚龙湾热带天堂森林公园).


The park itself is fairly big, but can easily be visited in just over half a day. Typically you have to take the park shuttle around, and stop off at the different sites, where you can explore. I recommend that you should take the shuttle all the way to the top “Tropical Paradise Square” (outer blue line), then walk your way down (following the orange lines).


There is a sea viewing pagoda “沧海楼” at the top, which is definitely worth a walk up to.


Check out that view! Here you can see the whole of Yalong Bay, most popular beach area and the surrounding islands.





There were a few other places up there, including a zipline that takes you all the way down the mountain. My mum is afraid of heights, so we walked down, through the forest.





We also decided to follow the crowd to the Lover’s bridge. A 30m long bridge connecting the mountain sides.


It’s all famous due to a Chinese film made here a few years back – 非诚勿扰 “If you’re the one”. The main characters came here to retreat from the hustle of the city, for moments of peace.


Can you see those little huts in the distance, they can actually be rented out. That’s where the main characters stayed. If I visited next time, I’d love to spend a few days there. No wonder they call it heaven on earth, imagine sitting on the side of a mountain, eating breakfast over looking the sea. And yes, that’s the hotel swimming pool, that view…



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  • Yalong Bay (亚龙湾)

Much love xx


Wuzhizhou Island

March 2017 – Wuzhizhou Island, China (三亚·蜈支洲岛)


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you China has white sandy beaches and pearl blue sea. I wasn’t convinced either before I visited. Needless to say, I was surprised that such a gem does truly exist.


So pretty right? I love how the pagoda stretches out into the sea, a perfect spot to daydream.

The island itself is tiny at only 1.48km squared, off the coast of Hainan Island. Even in March, it was super sunny and warm. It definitely has the south east Asia feel.

We decided to explored further into the island,  away from the tourists crowded around the beach. What we saw was a garden full of beautiful colours, like an endless flow of flowers…



Even the peacock is just chilling in the sun…


Dad and I trekked to the opposite end of the island, to the point called 观日岩, aka a cliff side rock perfect for watching the sunrise. Unfortunately, we missed the sunrise, but did catch two fish kissing ^_^


The island is also famous because of this Chinese film – 私人订制 (“Personal Tailor”). They took quite a few scenes around this swimming pool.





Strolling along this sea viewing walkway was incredibly beautiful, watching the clear blue water hitting the rocks, and glisten under the sun.



Since we were at an island, let’s not forget to play in the sea…


Hope you have enjoyed some of the snaps from my trip to Wuzhizhou Island. It was a beautiful location I never expected to see in China. Now time to go back to the main island.

Before I leave, don’t forget to stay happy!


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Much love!


Luzhi . 甪直

April 2016 – Suzhou, China

If you ask me where my favourite place is in this world, I would say home. Home is where you feel the most at ease, a place where you can really put your feet up and be surrounded by love. Growing up I have always wanted to leave home, and to explore the big wide world out there, away from nagging parents. But as I grew older, I noticed that I craved the company of my parents more and more, treasuring all the love they have given me all these years.

Some last minute holiday came up earlier this month and I decided to take up the chance to visit my parents again. Little did I know what I had left behind were lands rich of culture, beauty and peace.


Jiangnan (江南) is very well known in China for it’s rich culture for thousands of years, and we are lucky that many of these villages are still preserved to this day. I think of them as tiny Venice of the east. A typical village would have a main stream that becomes the spine, with many that extends outwards.

The village I visited was called Luzhi (甪直). It’s a preserved village just outside of Suzhou. My parents had often driven past this place and recommended it to be for the longest time. Bed was always more inviting to me than being outside in the cold so I missed it time and time again. Spring must bring something out of us, like blossoms. We woke up super early to catch the morning mist and the peaceful streets, before all the shops and travelers filled the streets. The other benefit is that we get to have super yummy noodles and wontons that were special to this area.

Besides it’s narrow streets and shops, the government has also built a traditional Chinese garden, for people to stroll in. Often you can find people playing traditional chinese instruments or practicing taichi.


The best thing about spring is the blossoms that filled the streets and parks. It just makes you smile from the inside.



I loved this cute little shop towards the edge of town. The shop owner made lots of effort to attract people towards it. Everything inside were authentic little gems, hand crafted. If I was more talented, I would love to open a shop like this, making accessories and enjoy the blissful day.


The village itself had many little side alley ways connecting the main street, a place to escape when the day gets busier. Sometimes I think reality gets the better of us, whether it’s work, relationships or others. We are constantly on our feet, 24/7. It’s so refreshing and so important to take time every now and then to switch off from the world, enjoy what life is really about, and re-focus on what is most important to us.


It was such a relaxing morning that I didn’t mind waking up early for. It reminded me that there are still so many hidden gems I have yet to discover.

I have remembered this village. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and that we shouldn’t always be seeking what we don’t have, but rather take time to appreciate what life has given to us.

With that concludes my spring trip to Suzhou Ch 1. More to come as I explore what else spring has install for me!